Past Iron & Steelmaking Symposia

This was an annual discussion-oriented conference held at the Sheraton Hotel in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It was established in 1973 under the leadership of J. A. (Jack) Peart. Professor Nick Standish, who was on sabbatical leave at McMaster University in that year, provided the organizational experience and was assisted by W-K. Lu. Since then, the McMaster Symposium was organized each year by a committee made up of concerned production managers from the steel industry, and a professor from McMaster University. It was ended in 2008.

Topics for each year are listed below:

2008 - The Challenges of Coal Injection in Today’s Blast Furnaces
2007 - Optimization of the EAF Process using Injection Technology
2006 - Managing Blast Furnace Systems, Process and Refractory Cooling For Endless Campaigns
2005 - Thinner Slab Casting
2004 - Stretching Your Hot Metal
2003 - Blast Furnace Upsets: Avoidance and Recovery
2002 - Slab Casting for High Productivity and Quality Demands: Operating and Maintenance Strategies
2001 - The Taphole - Blast Furnace Lifeline: Design/Maintenance/Operating Practices
2000 - Making Your Battery Last for the 21st Century
1999 - Use of Models to Optimize Blast Furnace Operations
1998 - Steelmaking Refractories: What the Mini & Integrated Mills Can Learn From Each Other
1997 - Steelmaking Optimization in Mini Mills
1996 - Improved Integrated Steel Plant Productivity
1995 - Improved Productivity of Blast Furnace Operations
1994 - Enhancement of EAF Performance by Injection Technology
1993 - Pretreatment and Reclamation of Dusts, Sludges & Scales in Steel Industry
1992 - Implementation of Rapid Cultural Changes in the Steel Industry
1991 - Raceway Control for Optimum Blast Furnace Performance
1990 - Evolving Roles and Expectations of Steelmaking Refractories
1989 - Coke Properties Required by Blast Furnace for Stable Operation
1988 - Electric Steelmaking and Billet Casting of Highly Deoxidized Steels
1987 - The Ideal Hot Blast Temperature - Why & How?
1986 - Ladle Metallurgy of Steel for Continuous Casting & Ingot Teeming
1985 - Requirements for Hot Charging of Continuously Cast Products
1984 - Burden Design for the Blast Furnace
1983 - Developments in Hot Metal Preparation for Oxygen Steelmaking
1982 - Optimization of Blast Furnace Lining Life
1981 - BOF End Point Determination
1980 - Blast Furnace Coke Quality, Cause and Effect
1979 - Ladle Treatment of Carbon Steel
1978 - Optimum Burden Distribution in the Blast Furnace
1977 - Treatment of Coke Oven Gas
1976 - The Role of Slag in Basic Oxygen Steelmaking Processes
1975 - External Desulphurization of Hot Metal
1974 - Waste Oxide Recycling in Steel Plants
1973 - Alkalis in Blast Furnaces

The McMaster Symposium has been designed to be complimentary to existing conferences by selecting timely and clearly defined topics. This factor, along with the high quality of papers presented by representatives of steel companies worldwide, enables us to attract participants from all over the world who are genuinely concerned about the chosen topic. When a group of experts from a variety of backgrounds have read the preprints, the authors need only present very brief reviews of their work to initiate an enthusiastic discussion. In fact, a lot of the conference time is devoted to the discussions, which are recorded, transcribed and edited, for inclusion in the published proceedings.

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