Industrial Applications Graduate Course
"Fundamental Physical Metallurgy of Structural Steels"

Developed by: Profs. J.D. Boyd, Queen's University Kingston & J.D. Embury

This graduate level course in advanced steel physical metallurgy covers topics related to the design, production and application of sophisticated steel products.

The course will assume an undergraduate knowledge of phase transitions and mechanical properties of steels at the level of texts by Porter/Easterling and Dieter. The course provides a fundamental basis for understanding structure-property relationships in a wide range of steels. The first half of the course develops a basic framework for understanding detailed microstructures, and essential steps in the mathematical modelling of a variety of phase transitions related to steels. The second half of the course covers applications of this understanding to specific steel products such as microalloyed steels, dual-phase steels, TRIP steels etc.

Initially offered during the fall session of 2002, this course is available as an intensive short course by special arrangement.


1. The alloys of iron – fundamentals of phase equilibrium.
2. Components of iron – carbide and nitride bonding, crystallography and properties.
3. Fundamentals of mechanical properties.
4. Fracture processes in Steels.
5. Structure-property relations in plain C steels.
6. Grain size control and modeling of annealing processes.
7. Precipitation Reactions – microstructural aspects and modeling.
8. Microalloyed steels.
9. Dual-phase steels.
10. TRIP steels and derivatives.
11. Medium C steels and their heat treatment properties.
12. Ultra high strength steel

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