2017 Lecturers are International Experts in the Field

This course is presented using a combination of formal lectures, case studies and a coke oven computer game. In addition, there are coke plant tours to U. S. Steel Canada and ArcelorMittal Dofasco.


High Level Overview of Cokemaking
For those with little or no familiarity with cokemaking
Ken Blake, ArcelorMittal Dofasco


The History of Cokemaking
Ken Kobus, Retired from U. S. Steel
Coke in the Blast Furnace
Joseph Poveromo, Raw Materials & Iron Making
Fundamentals of Coal and Coke Characterization
Louis Giroux, CanmetENERGY
Environmental Issues Facing the Coking Industry into the 21st Century
Andy Sebestyen, U. S. Steel Canada
Theory of Carbonization
Ted Todoschuk, ArcelorMittal Dofasco


Machinery Design and Automation
Sven Badura, Thyssenkrupp Uhde Engineering Services
Principles of Coke Oven Design
R.V. Ramani, Uhde Corporation of America
Coke Oven Energy Balance and Recovery
John Busser, Hatch
Prolonging Asset Life
Jean Paul Gaillet, Centre de Pyrolyse de Marienau
Control of Battery Heating
Retired from R.V. Ramani, Uhde Corporation of America
Non-Recovery Cokemaking Fundaments and Principles
John Quanci, SunCoke Energy
Non-Recovery Cokemaking Case Studies
John Quanci, SunCoke Energy


Introduction to the Byproduct Plant
Greg Elder, Consultant
Tar and Light Oil Recovery
Carter Dumont, U. S. Steel Canada.
Removal of Sulphur and Ammonia from Coke Oven Gas
Carter Dumont, U. S. Steel Canada
Effects of Gas Quality on Operations
Greg Elder, Consultant


Design of Coal Blend for Required Coke Properties
Hardarshan Valia, Coal Science, Inc.
Coal from Ground to Coke Plant
Jason Halko, Teck Coal Limited


Cokemaking Case Study (Half-Day)
R.V. Ramani, Uhde Corporation of America
Ken Blake, ArcelorMittal Dofasco
Jodi Kesik, ArcelorMittal Dofasco
Karl Svoboda, ByPro Engineering Inc

Byproduct Operation Case Study (Half-Day)
Greg Elder, Consultant
Carter Dumont, U. S. Steel Canada

COKE OVEN GAME, Ted Todoschuk, ArcelorMittal Dofasco