The Blast Furnace Ironmaking Course is an in-depth, week-long course. It covers every aspect of blast furnace ironmaking, making it invaluable to managers, operators, engineers, researchers and suppliers of equipment, refractories and raw materials. It is officially recognized by the American Iron and Steel Institute. The lecturers in the course are acknowledged experts in their fields and the delegates come from diversified industrial backgrounds.

The 2012 course was attended by 133 people from 11 countries.

2014 Lectures:


  • Introduction to Iron Making
  • Historical Development and Principles of the Iron Blast Furnace
  • Blast Furnace Reactions
  • Coke Production for Blast Furnace Ironmaking
  • Burden Distribution and Aerodynamics
  • Blast Furnace Slag
  • Blast Furnace Energy Balance and Recovery: Rules of Thumb
  • Blast Furnace Design I
  • Blast Furnace Design II
  • Iron-Bearing Burden Materials, Ironmaking Refractories
  • Maintenance Reliability Strategies in an Ironmaking Facility


  • Environment Issues in Blast Furnace Ironmaking
  • Incident and Accident Prevention in Blast Furnace Ironmaking
  • Day-to-Day Blast Furnace Operation
  • Challenging Blast Furnace Operations
  • Blast Furnace Control - Measurement Data and Strategy
  • Fuel Injection in the Blast Furnace
  • Ironmaking/Steelmaking Interface
  • Casthouse Practice and Blast Furnace Casthouse Rebuild
  • European Blast Furnace Practice
  • Chinese Blast Furnace Practice
  • Japanese Blast Furnace Practice
  • Future Trends in Ironmaking
  • Blast Furnace Modelling and Visualization

This course is combined with a case study, related computer game and an optional plant tour.



2014 Organizing Committee Members:

John D’Alessio (Chair)
U. S. Steel Canada

Cam Howey
Teck Resources Ltd.

Adelmo Monaco
ArcelorMittal Dofasco

Darcy Palmer
U. S. Steel Canada

Angelo Petruccelli
Allied Mineral Technical Services, Inc.

Joe Poveromo
Raw Materials & Ironmaking

Ken Coley
McMaster University

Gordon Irons (Secretary)
McMaster University

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