2016 Blast Furnace Course Lecturers and Lectures


MDCL MDCL The conference will be held at the Michael G. DeGroote Centre for Learning & Discovery MDCL)


Lecturers are International Experts in the Blast Furnace Field

Principles, Design and Raw Materials

Introduction to Iron Making, Ken Coley, McMaster University
Historical Development and Principles of the Iron Blast Furnace, John Ricketts, ArcelorMittal USA
Blast Furnace Reactions, Bob Nightingale, University of Wolongon/Retired from Bluescope Steel
Environment Issues in Blast Furnace Ironmaking, Frank W. Harrison, U. S. Steel Canada
Fundamental Principles Applied to Blast Furnace Safety, Fred Rorick, Rorick Inc.
Blast Furnace Energy Balance and Recovery: Rules of Thumb, John Busser, Hatch
Blast Furnace Design I, Dave Berdusco, Paul Wurth Inc.
Blast Furnace Design II, Peter Martin, Primetals Technologies.
Ironmaking Refractories, Floris van Laar, Allied Mineral Technical Services, Inc.
Iron-Bearing Burden Materials, Marcelo Andrade, ArcelorMittal USA
Blast Furnace Control - Measurement Data and Strategy, Bob Nightingale, University of Wolongon/Retired from Bluescope Steel
Maintenance Reliability Strategies in an Ironmaking Facilit, Johan van Ikelen, van Ikelen Blast Furnace Consultant


Coke Production for Blast Furnace Ironmaking, Hope Huntington, Clark Laboratories LLC
Day-to-Day Blast Furnace Operation, Art Cheng, Cheng Technical Services LLC
Challenging Blast Furnace Operations, Fred Rorick, Rorick Inc.
Burden Distribution and Aerodynamics, Steve Yaniga, U. S. Steel
Ironmaking/Steelmaking Interface, Mike Price, ArcelorMittal Dofasco
Fuel Injection in the Blast Furnace, Donald Zuke, ArcelorMittal Steel USA
The Science & Technology of Blast Furnace Slag, John D’Alessio, U. S. Steel Canada
Casthouse Practice and Blast Furnace Casthouse Rebuild, Barry Hyde, Hatch
Ironmaking in Western Europe, Hans-Bodo Lungen, Steel Institute VDEh
Chinese Blast Furnace Practice, Dennis Lu, ArcelorMittal USA
Japanese Balst Furnace Practice, Taihei Nouchi, JFE Steel Corporation
Future Trends in Ironmaking, Joe Poveromo, Raw Materials & Ironmaking Global Consulting
Blast Furnace Modelling and Visualization, Chenn Zhou, Purdue University Calumet

This course is combined with a case study related to operations and a computer game.
In addition, there is an optional plant tours at the end of the course.